This information was written by the owner of CleanScene BioRecovery Services, 3000 E. Main St., Suite 161, Columbus, OH 43209, 614-235-7915, a BioRecovery Technician trained by the founder of the biorecovery industry and certified by the American BioRecovery Association, the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists, and in OSHA and EPA standards on Bloodborne Pathogens, to assist you should a homicide, suicide, or other incident involving blood and bodily fluids, or an unattended death (human decomposition) occur on one of the properties you manage or own.

Of course, the first step is to contact local law enforcement immediately. Once you have contacted the local police or sheriff’s department, lock and secure the unit or residence. Should there be an unattended death found (say, due to a wellness check), do not open the windows; but do turn on the air conditioning system. This will prevent flies, and henceforth, maggot infestation.

The investigation of the incident will be handled by law enforcement once they’re on site. During the investigation, they will evaluate the scene, and they may interview your employees and/or residents to document the circumstances related to the event. You and your staff should be available to answer any questions and provide access to the property. In addition to coordinating access to the property and your staff, your management of the incidence may include (1) Support of normal business and maintenance operations during the incident and its investigation; (2) Counseling any employee or resident impacted by the event; (3) Property owner and/or corporate office communication; (4) Fielding (or shielding) media questions or managing their presence on the property; and contacting CleanScene BioRecovery Services (614.235.7915)( for the cleaning of the contaminated environment created by the event, as well as containing and disposing of the waste generated by the event.

The property is responsible for the cleaning once the body has been removed and the police release the scene. This can take a few days, depending on the law enforcement investigation. This type of cleaning is not for your maintenance staff. Not only is BioHazardous remediation potentially upsetting, but it also puts your staff and residents at risk of HIV, Hepatitis, other bloodborne pathogens, and bacterial hazards. And, it could subject your company to OSHA fines, unnecessary scrutiny, medical expenses, and employee/resident liability. For these types of biohazardous remediation services, you need to call CleanScene BioRecovery Services that specializes in these cleaning processes. In addition to their technical specialty, CleanScene is licensed and insured and is OSHA and

EPA compliant (EPA # 25-T-00307). The waste produced from events, as mentioned, is federally regulated by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA). Under this act, a “cradle-to-grave- tracking system was and is in place to ensure that biological waste that is recovered from contaminated environments is contained, transported, and disposed of properly to protect public health.

Upon your call to CleanScene BioRecovery Services, you should be able to (1) provide the circumstances of the event, as their technician will ask a series of brief questions for a proper description; (2) gain the technician’s name and provide your direct email address and Cell Phone number, AND PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER, to receive a copy of the invoice as generated by CleanScene; or, a copy may be dropped off at your office depending on CleanScene’s schedule; and then, allow the units’ air circulation (HVAC) to help dissipate the antimicrobials for 24 hours; and, (4) inspect the unit according to your company’s processes. CleanScene BioRecovery Services, 3000 E. Main St., Suite 161, Columbus, Ohio (614.235.7915), fully complies with all federal, state and local laws.© CleanScene

Disclaimer: Nothing written above should be construed to supersede any companies’ internal working processes. This is for general educational purposes designed to provide basic knowledge to what to do “IF”. ! (WI)

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