Trusted Specialists in Homicide and Suicide Cleanup in Columbus, Ohio

Homicide and suicide rates are still running high in Ohio, but seem to be declining, depending on which part of Ohio you live in.  In 2022, there were 918 homicides in Ohio,  along with 1812 suicides. Homicides are defined as “acts of killing a human,” while suicides are “killing yourself intentionally. “   Mass murders numbers were 647 in the United States in 2022.

Although homicides and suicides are defined differently, loss of life is still the same. These situations cause great emotional distress and grief to the relatives and families of these victims. Mass murders take on a whole new perspective because of the number of victims involved and amount of remediation would have to be done. Also, the first responders experience more stress than in a single homicide.

Many times, homicides can be entire families or murder/suicide where one family member will kill the other members and then turn the gun (usually) on themselves. The stress and emotional impact on the remaining family members seem greater than just one homicide, although one homicide is enough.

Many times, family members need to access the premises to obtain important documents, items to go to the funeral home, etc. It is not safe for them to access the premises as the potentially biohazardous materials have not yet been remediated. Family members often feel that if they do step in contaminated areas and touch contaminated materials, it is okay. It is not until a trained, certified biohazardous remediation company like CleanScene remediated the scene and removed all traces of contamination.  Blood, bodily fluids, and OPIM (other potentially infected materials) are present in homicides and would need to be remediated by a certified crime scene cleanup company such as CleanScene.

Blood and bodily fluids are always considered to be infectious, along with any clothing, household goods, etc. that may be contaminated with them. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standards require that all traces of potentially biohazardous materials such as blood, bodily fluids, and infected materials be remediated to remove the risk to the health of family members or others that live or work in close proximity to the contaminated area.

Suicides follow along these same lines regarding the stress experienced by the victims’ family. Many times, the victim has isolated themselves from family and friends. Therefore the new   988   Suicide Prevention Hotline is a great tool for people that feel lost and alone.

Suicides occur by handgun, rifle, shotgun, knife, or poison. Either way, the situation must be remediated by a certified crime scene cleanup company like CleanScene. Our highly trained technicians will use PPE (personal protective equipment), gloves, boots, respirators, and face shields to lessen their exposure to infectious materials such as blood, bodily fluids, and OPIM as they remediate the situation,  removing all traces of potentially biohazardous materials using EPA  certified disinfectants to make the area safe and habitable. 

Our highly trained technicians are determined to remediate these situations according to OSHA 1910.1030, EPA, and American BioRecovery Association guidelines in a highly professional way.  As the only ABRA-certified company in Central Ohio, CleanScene BioRecovery Services is your go-to-company for biohazardous remediation.