Transport of Regulated Medical Waste


Regulated medical waste (RMW), also known as “biohazardous waste” or “infectious medical waste” is the portion of the waste stream that may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials, thus posing a significant risk of transmitting infection.

Medical waste transportation requires specialized professionals to do the task. There are various regulations that govern the transport of regulated medical waste. The term 'medical waste' includes animal waste, blood, body fluids, micro-biological waste, pathological waste and most importantly, sharps like needles and syringes.


Our Expertise

CleanScene transports regulated medical waste in a safe and efficient manner. Our technicians have been trained by the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA) and the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists in all aspects of proper waste transport according to EPA, OSHA and blood borne pathogens regulations (29 CFR 1910.1030). CleanScene is basically a trauma and crime scene clean-up company which also has expertise in providing of transport and handling of regulated medical waste.


The Process

Once you entrust us with the responsibility of disposing off your medical waste, we give you disposal boxes and red biohazard bags as containers for the medical waste. For sharps, we have separate containers. All this is provided to you free of charge with the service agreement. In this way, the regulated waste is then sealed in the same containers or leak proof biohazard bags that are then enclosed in containers for shipping. The containers are then sealed and picked up by CleanScene and transported to an approved incinerator.


On-Call Requests

During the service agreement, apart from the regular and scheduled pick-ups of waste, we are equipped to attend to on-call requests as needed. If you have a situation at your facility where you feel that regulated waste needs to be cleared off immediately (i.e. blood spills), we can do this, too. This on-call service will be provided at a small additional cost, unless it is agreed upon in the service agreement.


You Are Already Tied Up With A Service Provider

CleanScene does not believe in locking up their clients in long-term contracts unless the clients are completely satisfied with our services. We offer a 90 day trial period. If you’re not satisfied with our services, you can just call us and cancel your services. Also, we guarantee a seamless transition from your current waste transport provider.


What Makes Us a Preferred Choice of Customers?

What separates us from other service providers is the fact that we keep you informed of any EPA rule or regulation changes. Because of our training, we receive constant informational updates on new regulations. If there are any changes that pertain to you, you will be informed immediately.

We are based in Columbus, Ohio and are proud to be able to help the community in our own small way by generating jobs for the folks here. Call us for a quote and let us save you money on your medical waste transport needs.



"After my father took his life with a shotgun, my family didn’t know WHERE to turn. We especially didn’t want my mother to see “the remainder” of the event, so we called CleanScene who responded immediately. They developed a plan where they would take care of my dad’s home while we were making funeral arrangements. Once we came back to my dads house, we could not even tell that something so traumatic had occurred. THANK YOU…THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping us out in our time of need."

Heather D. writes (College Administrator)

"for almost 8 years we have relied on CleanScene BioRecovery Services expert knowledge to handle the eventual unfound deaths we have had, as well as our Mold issues. Their response time, their billing and pricing, and their overall reliability have been absolutely great for our organization. In fact, we regularly invite Wes Ingram to provide seminars to our 50+ maintenance employees to keep them abreast on changes and updates. Experts and Professionals are just a few adjectives to describe their important work for us."

Andrew S. (Property Manager)